Adi is seeking new short fiction for an upcoming issue. Send us your work!

We’re looking for short fiction about the past, present, and future of disobedience to orthodoxies of all kinds – from political doctrines to religious creeds to artistic or intellectual frameworks. We want stories of the rebellions, heresies, theoretical revolutions, and moments of civil disobedience that catalyze this world and alternative worlds.   

This should be interpreted expansively and imaginatively. Please familiarize yourself with the range and spirit of our archives; Adi tends toward creative, experimental approaches to political writing, measuring the effects of policy through the intimate lives and experiences of people with a particular focus on those on the margins and in the global south. We’ve previously published fiction on ghosts in a post-fossil fuel world; intervention through the eyes of a fugitive lion;  healthcare bureaucracy and restrictions on reproductive rights; and the reimagination of the myth of the faceless woman

We do not want dreary political agitprop. We love work that bends genres, that embraces the absurd, that excavates interior lives alongside external conflicts. Send us work that satirizes, fabulizes, and fantasizes, that disturbs, beguiles, moves, challenges, surprises, and ignites.

Translators: we’d love to hear from you! If you have unpublished work from writers who fit the bill, please get in touch. (If the story’s already been translated, just go ahead and submit, but if not, feel free to email us with a blurb about the potential story and we’ll take it from there).

For full-length stories, up to 5,000 words, payment is $500.

For flash fiction, under 1,000 words, payment is $200.

The deadline for submissions is February 29th, 2024, though we welcome them earlier. 

One unpublished submission per author, please. 

We plan to make selections by the end of March. 


Adi is a literary journal of global politics. Founded in 2019, we’ve published new work from such writers as Tracy K. Smith, Nadifa Mohamed, Meena Kandasamy, Evie Shockley, Terese Mailhot, K-Ming Chang, and Rafia Zakaria. Named after a Tamil word with three meanings—protest, intervention, and violence—Adi’s aim is to platform political writing rooted in lived experience and a commitment to inventiveness, both formally and conceptually.

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